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The EICMA Fair has been a resounding success for our motorcycle helmets and apparel brand!

We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited our booth. Your presence made the experience even more special.

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Once again, we appreciate your support and look forward to sharing exciting updates with you in the future.

Thank you for being part of our success at the EICMA Fair!

Autumn is Here, and So Is the Upcoming EICMA Trade Show!

Once again, we are delighted to be back at the EICMA trade show, showcasing new styles and, most importantly, engaging with you face-to-face. In this edition, you can find us at Hall 15P, Stand M47.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Cutting-edge heating system


Garibaldi has been producing heating gloves for the last 8 years and in 2016 the TCS gloves were selected as one of the “most interesting ideas of the year” by the Spanish magazine Actualidad Económica. This long-lasting experience has  enabled us to  develop an enhanced   heating system with carbon wire silicon coated  that is impossible to break while offering an excellent heat dissipation.  On top of that, this brand new heating system brings the heat until the fingertips, offering  more heat than most gloves in the market. This system is used in 2 heating styles (Boosted TCS and Sottozero Split), each of them has a women´s version available.

The Sottozero Split boasts cutting-edge technology and is to be used in the harshest weather conditions (high mountain locations or cold inland areas) as well as for extra-urban journeys and throughout the coldest times of the day.  It is an innovative Dual System that allows not only to choose 3 heat intensity by pushing its light button and setting the temperature controller but also to heat up the back and the palm separately or both areas at the same time. You only need to press the knob for some seconds to switch off the heating system. Their Li-ion 3.000 MaH batteries last around 2,5 hours in the highest position

See heated gloves

G20, G02X Fiberglass, G91X Fiber and G07X Fiberglass

Already available with the latest ECE 22.06

ECE 22.06 is the new standard that will replace ECE 22.05. The new standard has taken its predecessor’s weak points and addressed them to offer a much stronger testing regime. This means that the helmet will be subject to a wider range of impact tests, rotational tests, and accessories will be tested as well.

Even though a possible cessation of the sale of helmets and visors of the UN/ECE 22-05, delegated to each country, is not scheduled  before  June 2024, Garibaldi is ready to launch its first 22.06 styles early 2023. G20 and G02X Fiberglass open-faces, brand new full-face G91X Fiber and vintage full-face G07X Fiberglass are already available and rest of the styles will be throughout 2023 (open-faces G03X Fiberglass and G01 Junior, G80 full-face and G100 P/J flip-up).


Brand new G07X fiberglass retro full-face

Garibaldi is delighted to announce its newest development, the brand new G07X fiberglass retro full-face, already available in 2 plain colours (matt black and matt coal grey) and 2 graphic versions (Sedona matt black and matt white).

Brand new full-face G91x Fiber

Garibaldi is delighted to announce its newest development, the brand new full-face G91x Fiber, already available in versions, the sporty Fiber Sport, with large rear spoiler in 2 colours (matt black and pearl white) and the classical Fiber with reduced rear spoilers in 5 colours (matt black, white, matt blue, glossy nardo grey and glossy red).